10.000 ft and climbing

On April 1st 1999, six student pilots and two instructors departed from Rotterdam Airport with PH-SVI and PH-AMR, two Piper Warriors of the 'Vliegclub Rotterdam'. Our mission:

  • Collect international instruction time (one of the requirements for a PPL)
  • Cross the Alps
These pictures are proof of an unforgettable experience.

Our route (schematic)

Planning for the first mountain hop (Grenchen-Sion)

Our route was:

  • April 1st: Rotterdam - Spa- Trier - Colmar - Grenchen
  • April 2nd:Grenchen - Sion - Aosta - Annecy
  • April 3rd: Annecy - Dijon Darois - Brienne-le-Chateau (PH-AMR) - Reims Prunay - Charleroi - Rotterdam

This is an experience second to none...

Those mountains are getting close (left Rene, right Marelise)

In between the mountains at 10.000 ft

PH-SVI at arm's length


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