Short trip from Rotterdam to Granville


On September 23rd and 24th 2002, we made a short trip to Granville with the PH-SRU, a Piper Warrior of the 'Vliegclub Rotterdam'. We left Rotterdam around 11:00 and had lunch in Le Touquet. We arrived in Granville around 16:00. After paying our landing fee (a mere EUR 3.80) we made arrangements for our hotel and a taxi. We had a nice walk through the hotel garden and enjoyed a 5-course gourmet dinner.

Mike Skyline of Rotterdam

Mike prepares his flight EHRD-LFAT at the Vliegclub

Just airborne, over Rotterdam's city centre

Rene Le Touquet Unloading luggage

René prepares his flight LFAT-LFRF at Le Touquet

Mike unloads our luggage at Granville airport

La Beaumonderie

Our hotel, la Beaumonderie, Eisenhower's HQ in 1944

The next morning, we did some sightseeing in Granville. We had coffee on a terrace in the autumn sun, and enjoyed a 'sandwich jambon/fromage' at the harbourside. We arrived at the aiport early afternoon. After a stroll at the beach, we refuelled and left for Le Touquet, with a detour via Mont Saint Michel.

Granville Flight Preparation

Picturesque scenery of Granville

Getting the latest weather and NOTAMs
in an obscure (internet) cafe

lfrf Mont St. Michel

Just airborne at Granville

Mont Saint Michel

Because of the weather forecast for the next day, we decided to proceed to Rotterdam that same night. We filed an IFR flightplan via BNE - KOK - COA - STD at FL050. We had few clouds just below us (FEW040, with tops around FL050), and saw the sun go down over the Belgian coast. Our Attitude Indicator decided to show some 'unusual attitudes' while we were straight and level (bank of 40 degrees and a high nose pitch), so we were happy not to be in solid IMC. During the VOR/DME approach on Rotterdam RWY06, the AI decided to behave again. We touched down around 20:45. In slight contrast with the dinner of the day before, we enjoyed Steef's 'sate met friet' (satay with french fries) at the Vliegclub.

dummy Cap d'Antifer

Picture from the flightdeck

The white cliffs of... Cap d'Antifer

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